The COOLCITIES approach:

Find out why we can offer you Growth solutions with no fees

We put you on the Driver seat and guide you through the journey with our three Ds approach:


What are they

Three levels of collaboration between your practice and PHARMED to ensure that you and your staff understand what  we do, why we do it and most importantly how we do it.

Why are they important

The 3 Ds:

  • Allow us to offer you solutions at a fragment of the market price.

  • Empower your practice to have a hands-on involvement in your digital marketing plan.

  • Ensure that you can make informed decisions and drive results.

  • Help you spend your budget efficiently and enable you to take over at any time.


What happens without them

Remember your collaboration with other marketing agencies in the past: Lack of clarity, failed expectations, loss of confidence that digital marketing can make a difference for your practice. 

What you should do about it

Allow PHARMED to be your trusted partner in digital marketing, start with FREE solutions and build up to paid plans only when you understand the projected ROI. 


Do It Yourself:

We provide you with the tools and training to assess your online needs across branding, website, SEO, Advertisement, Social media and Listings and amplify your digital voice across every platform.


Do It With Me:

We provide you with the tools and we take on the technical, expert part of the work, while you or your admin have a hands-on involvement on the content creation or management of your projects.


Do It For Me:

Our experts design and execute your project for a care-free rapid delivery of world-class solutions targeted to your digital goals.

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