Digital Advertising for Revenue Growth

​Channel selection, auction bidding, continuous optimization are just a few basic concepts an ads expert is handling on a daily basis for an online ad to perform and not waste budget. 

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Email outreach, Google search ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Youtube, Bing...  For each type of consumer journey, ad or promotion goal there is a good reason to chose one channel over another. Read on to find out why.



Usually forgotten, emailing regularly your current clients will help your retention rates and patient loyalty as well as provide valuable advice for their condition. In conjunction with website subscription forms it is also an effective tool for acquiring new patients.


The best platform for lead generation (appointment bookings) and brand awareness as well as promotions, store products and services. Superior to other ad platforms especially when the patient journey presents with a bottleneck, e.g. patient has a condition but is "currently" unwell and seeking for treatment.


For brand awareness and consideration in conjunction with your social media efforts, Facebook is an excellent choice to laser target consumer demographics, especially for ages 30 years and above.


Instagram ads are an excellent choice for increasing your followers and driving traffic to your website and other online channels in order to achieve brand awareness and maintain relationships with your clients and greater audience.


Mainly for increasing your B2B professional network, form partnerships with adjunct specialties, co-promote and share referrals. The best B2B advertising platform today.

Your Ads Explained

What are they

Your website, your social posts or your listings will get a minor attention unless you promote them. To give you an idea, if you have 1000 followers on instagram and you create a post, about 100 of them will see it. If you promote your post for just $5 you will get 2000-4000 views.

Why it is important

A post on your social media or website requires creative design, marketing expertise, resources and time. Promoting a post means that we increase the number of potential clients who will see it and maximize the return of the initial investment. 


What happens without it

Less potential clients will know about you or consider to book an appointment with you. Needless to say that your competition may be using online promotion.

What you should do about it

Online promotion is complex and requires all the other elements of digital presence to be in place. Without expert help you will be wasting most of your advertising budget. Consider getting a trusted agency such as CoolCities to help.


Does your competition promote their business on digital ads?