Digital plans for restaurants

tailored solutions for relaunching your restaurant brand post-covid

Break free from the predatory commissions by major online ordering platforms. Today's technology enables you to handle online orders directly from your website.

Let CoolCities help you:

  • Create a website with online ordering and payment system

  • Promote your menu locally, on laser targeted demographic audiences that will be more likely to order online.

Pay commission for online orders

Outdated website, lack of menu illustrations

Hungry restaurant website visitors respond to visual queues. Customers want to "see" your menu not to "read" it. The major online ordering platforms and apps have already been pushing restaurants to add photos for their dishes and maybe your menu on Seamless or Grubhub already looks better than the one on your website.

Let CoolCities help you:

  • Create a website that displays your dishes and converts visitors to online orders

  • Provide unlimited updates to your menus per request with 24 hours response

Don't rely only on good service to achieve customer loyalty. With so many restaurant delivery choices and fierce competition, especially in large cities, you need to stay in touch with our customer base. 

Let CoolCities help you:

  • Send outreach emails to your customers promoting your offers, new menu items, seasonal promotions and birthday wishes

  • Reach to your customers on social media while they're browsing their news feeds.

Neglect their existing customers


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