Online visibility for Revenue Growth

Today, Yellow Pages is not enough.

Find out why, where and how you must list your business. 

Your Listings

What are they

In the past it was the yellow pages. Now there are almost one hundred different listing directories that you can be present.

Why are they important

Although the vast majority of consumers use Google search or Bing to find services, one needs to be aware that google pulls information not only from its own listings but from a variety of sources. 


ZocDoc, Google my business, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Opentable, Facebook pages, Healthgrades, WebMD, Doccafe and at least a dozen more listing directories can offer to you a valuable resource for discoverability.


What happens without them

If you are not listed on all major directories there is a smaller chance for search engines and consumers to find you and you only depend on the word of mouth reputation. 

What you should do about it

Request a free access to our tools from the CoolCities client portal and see what you may be missing. Most importantly see what your competition does. 


The most important directory today. When patients look for medical care they primarily use Google search. Your Google my Business listing is vital for your local success and maintaining it requires weekly updates and posts.

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Yelp's popularity for consumer reviews has been stable across years and both the quality and the number of reviews are shown on google searches, making it a must-go platform for your medical practice.


ZocDoc claims a leading position for doctor reviews and is the go-to platform for patients when they are looking for medical care. ZocDoc charges a hefty amount to physicians for their listing, as well as for every new patient who books an appointment through their platform. We strongly recommend against the use of ZocDoc and we will always emphasize the need for doctors to build their own online brand equity instead of depending on a third platform for their patients.  


The platform that dominates search results for all medical related queries and a major listing directory for USA doctors. Despite the wide critisism against it's symptom checking model, it is an important tool for your online reputation.  


A physician listing and review platform with controversial authority and a large number of BBB complains that remains a popular source for patients when looking for a provider.


With dozens more platforms to list your practice you need an automated solution that can update your business listing and harness the opportunity to stand out on search results.

How do your business listings compare to your local competition?